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Ink City Rules


-Ink City is a text-based roleplaying game designed primarily for cartoon and animated characters. This means that western cartoon, comic book/graphic novel, anime/manga, video game, web comic/animation, and animated film characters are allowed! As long as the character is able to count as cartoon or animated character in some way, they should be fine! There are certain extensions/loopholes as well, such as puppets/stop motion characters (which are generally considered to be animated as opposed to live action) and the official video game or comic/cartoon adaptation of an originally live-action character. Examples to fit this would be Marty McFly from TellTale Games' Back to The Future: The Game, or the Doctor Who comic series continuity version of The Doctor. Exceptions such as this though should usually be discussed with a moderator before applying, just to make sure they qualify.

-Alternate Universe versions of characters and Original Characters are both allowed! However, they still need to be able to count as a cartoon or animated character in some way. If the canon version of a character already resides in Ink City, you MUST obtain written permission, and proof of it, from the player of that character first.

-Check the FAQs and Locations/Settings entries before applying, to familiarize yourself with the game as best you can. Once you know the story, fill out and submit your application, and if all goes as well we will help you get situated!

-If you require The Ink Monsters for any plots involving the outskirts, or for simple interaction purposes, please feel free to consult with us via private message
Warning: If you ARE in the outskirts, Random mod-controlled beings can appear without warning!

-Show RESPECT to your fellow players! Always treat other people how you would want to be treated, and please do not stir up unnecessary drama. This is a place to have fun and make friends, not enemies! Any concerns you have with another player can be brought up with a moderator.

-Ink City does not allow players under 14 years of age, and generally, we try to keep things about PG-13. Violence is a staple of animation, and is very easily tolerated, however exceptionally gruesome or triggering scenarios should always be under a cut and have appropriate warnings placed. Swearing/cursing is perfectly fine as well. However, I_C is not a smut game, and overly sexual content will not be tolerated. If you wish for your characters to have any sexual interaction beyond a PG-13 level that is not simply implied or with a fade to black, it needs to be done OFF-COMM. You will be given a warning for any on-comm smut, and repeat offenses are grounds for ban.

-GODMODDING IN ANY FORM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Do not control other people's characters, and ask for permission from the player before you do anything drastic to their character, such as killing them, violently attacking them, wiping their mind, etc. If you ever need to assume that the other person's character does something get express permission. In short just don't do it. This is also true for the world itself; you may not bend the world and it's rules to how you want or to benefit your character. This is common courtesy, so please show respect to your fellow players and make sure serious actions are agreed upon beforehand, and do not try to manipulate the setting of the game.

-There is generally a 3 strikes/warnings rule before you become eligible for a ban. You will receive a strike warning if you break any rules, such as having on-community smut, stirring up unnecessary drama or harassing/upsetting other players out-of-character, or godmodding over other people's characters or the world itself. Depending on the severity of the situation however, you may be eligible for a ban before receiving three total strikes/warnings.

-Each player is allowed four characters total, of those we ask that no more than two be from the same canon.

-If you file a complaint about someone's actions, you reserve the right to request a cease and desist/restraining order of sorts if you really no longer want to interact with that person. We'll ask that person to not contact you again. If you wish after you can contact them to undo it, provided you tell us it's no longer in play.

-If you have any problems, questions or concerns you need to bring to mod attention, you may message the mod account or contact one of the mods privately either through AIM or private message. We are happy to help! Keep in mind not all of us can be online 24/7, so you may have to excuse some late replies and such, but we will always try to lend you a hand as soon we can.

-Last but certainly not least, have fun and try to keep active! We have activity checks every other month, and you should generally be able to stay in game as long as you post at least once a month on the main and/or logs communities. Ink City cannot thrive and the game can't stay alive unless YOU play a part!