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Taken List


Ⓗ - Character on Hiatus

» Non-Player Characters
Character: The Artist
Journal: [personal profile] art_is_dead
Player Contact: AIM: nyctotheory

Character: The Guard
Journal: [personal profile] the_gurad
Player Contact: AIM: Blanknonamemun

» Adventure Time
Character: Finn Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] humanhero
Player Contact: AIM: Chiluver

Character: Simon Petrikov
Journal: [personal profile] icebutnice
Player Contact:

»Brigadoon: Marin and Melan
Character: Marin Asagi Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] deathlydaydreaming
Player Contact: AIM: ninatwl

» Dan Vs
Character: Dan
Journal: [personal profile] angry_jerk
Player Contact:

» Digger
Character: Digger-of-Unnecessarily-Convoluted-Tunnels
Journal: [personal profile] moarbracing
Player Contact: AIM: ladybookbat / Plurk: Kithnkin

» Franken Fran
Character: Veronica Madaraki
Journal: [personal profile] stitchedupbodyguard
Player Contact: Email:

» Gods Eater Burst
Character: Hisame Narukami
Journal: [personal profile] devoursgods
Player Contact:

» Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Character: Veser Amaker Hatch
Journal: [personal profile] lovethathatch
Player Contact: AIM: mayamayamali

» Katamari Damacy
Character: Ichigo
Journal: [personal profile] strawberry_roll
Player Contact:

» Kingdom Hearts
Character: Axel
Journal: [personal profile] nobody_number_8
Player Contact:

» The Lorax
Character: Pipsqueak
Journal: [personal profile] not_a_puppy
Player Contact: Email:

Character: The Once-ler (AU) Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] crampinmyback
Player Contact: AIM: MiniRMMaker

Character: Veetor'Nara
Journal: [personal profile] didntcomebacksane
Player Contact: AIM: RogueClawdite

» Megaman
Character: Crmsn (OC)
Journal: [personal profile] theytookmypants
Player Contact: AIM: CupOfMoogle

Character: Legato Cossack-Nos (OC) Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] forgivemeforhiscrimes
Player Contact: AIM: MiniRMMaker

» Okamiden
Character: Chibiterasu
Journal: [personal profile] kodomotaiyou
Player Contact:

» Original Characters
Character: Elias Markell
Journal: [personal profile] whatferret
Player Contact: AIM: nyctotheory

Character: Saft
Journal: [personal profile] whitescalesbigmouth
Player Contact: AIM: Saft Chan

» Phineas and Ferb
Character: Perry the Platypus
Journal: [personal profile] doesntdomuch
Player Contact: AIM: Blanknonamemun

» Pokemon
Character: Kat (Mew)
Journal: [personal profile] pink_resonates
Player Contact: AIM: Mewberries151

» Road Rovers
Character: Exile Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] lambs_jiffy
Player Contact:

» Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Character: Eris
Journal: [personal profile] ofdiscord
Player Contact: AIM: xtakozux

» Steam Powered Giraffe
Character: The Spine
Journal: [personal profile] eyestothesky
Player Contact:

» Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Character: Antauri Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] poweroftheprimate
Player Contact: Email:

» Tangled
Character: Rapunzel
Journal: [personal profile] illuminaria
Player Contact: AIM: xtakozux

» Transformers: Animated
Character: Jazz
Journal: [personal profile] smoothlike
Player Contact: AIM: mayamayamali Plurk: Mayalex

Character: Red Alert Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] whatbedsidemanners
Player Contact: AIM: ninatwl

Character: Wasp
Journal: [personal profile] nothinglikeabee
Player Contact: AIM: OnaDayofSnow

» Transformers Beast Wars
Character: Blackarachnia
Journal: [personal profile] treacherous_widow
Player Contact: AIM: pacifistqueen / Plurk: ZoanTanis

» Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Character: Starscream
Journal: [personal profile] yayntz_rayr_zhoh
Player Contact: AIM: mayamayamali

» Transformers G1
Character: Skyfire
Journal: [personal profile] scienderp
Player Contact: AIM: squiddlypeon

Character: Jadewing
Journal: [personal profile] the_other_green_seeker
Player Contact: Email:

» Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
Character: Rodimus Prime
Journal: [personal profile] nothotrod
Player Contact: AIM: tytaero2020

Character: Rewind
Journal: [personal profile] flashdrive
Player Contact: AIM: RogueClawdite

Character: Tailgate
Journal: [personal profile] 6000000yearslate
Player Contact: AIM - redheaddreck

Character: Knockout
Journal: [personal profile] sweet_riiiiims
Player Contact: AIM: DoctorDententa

Character: Bumblebee
Journal: [personal profile] beeboxer
Player Contact: AIM: ladybookbat Plurk: Kithnkin

Character: Ratchet
Journal: [personal profile] awardedhighesthonors
Player Contact: AIM: nyctotheory

Character: Bulkhead
Journal: [personal profile] neverputincharge
Player Contact: AIM: katt30x

Character: Megatron Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] deceptionshark
Player Contact: AIM: ninatwl

Character: Arcee
Journal: [personal profile] robotfightclub
Player Contact: AIM: armlessreindeer

Character: Cliffjumper Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] quitetheconversationlist
Player Contact: AIM: ninatwl

Character: Optimus Prime
Journal: [personal profile] thelastprime
Player Contact: AIM: RogueClawdite

Character: Dreadwing
Journal: [personal profile] needsmoarbombs
Player Contact:; AIM: Jaydepuff; plurk: Greywolf360

» Transformers Prime:Shattered Glass/Mirroverse
Character: Starscream Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] distortedscream
Player Contact:

» Wild Kratts
Character: Chris Kratt Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] beingthecreature
Player Contact: AIM: MiniRMMaker

Character: Martin Kratt
Journal: [personal profile] the_lion_roller
Player Contact: Email:

Character: Zachary Varmitech Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] varmitech
Player Contact: AIM: Chiluver

» Wreck-It Ralph

Character: Vanellope Von Schweetz Ⓗ
Journal: [personal profile] notaglitch
Player Contact: AIM: Chiluver

Character: Wreck-It Ralph
Journal: [personal profile] wreckofaguy
Player Contact: AIM: MewtwoWarrior Plurk: MewtwoWarrior